Nerding in Nairobi

A few months travelling, living and hacking in Kenya

At home in Kileleshwa

I’m subletting a room in the quiet, upper-middle class neighborhood of Kileleshwa just west of the city center. The apartment belongs to a woman named Cynthia who was introduced to me through Ella. It’s a nice place, if a bit inconvenient from the office. Take a look at some pictures below!

Cynthia is a great roommate and has done a lot to make me feel at home in Nairobi. This morning she introduced me to a group of her friends over brunch at the River Cafe. I’ve learned quite a bit about her life and gotten an invaluable perspective on Kenya over dinners and around the apartment. She’s Kenyan, grew up mostly in the UK and Australia and has been all over Africa and Asia for various aid jobs since. She currently manages a group inside the Australian government that trains African officials on designing and implementing sound policy (e.g. in agriculture). Sadly she’ll be out of the country on work for the month of May!

  • Here’s home!
  • Out to brunch with Cynthia and her friends
  • Coming into the apartment from Mugiori Rd
  • I get to cook in Kenya!
  • I can even find supplies for Panang curry chicken
  • We’ve got a great deck for reading on a Sunday morning
  • My room (wouldn’t want to clean up much for pics)
  • Our living area