Nerding in Nairobi

A few months travelling, living and hacking in Kenya

mSurvey Product Launch

mSurvey, our officemates, had a launch party last week for their new self-serve mobile survey tool. Check out the product here and sign up soon for some free credits. Or text “nerding” to 619-377-4673 to try it out.

It was a nice launch – cocktails, snacks, schmoozing followed by a talk and demo. Dr. Ndemo, the permanent secretary for ICT in Kenya, made a guest appearance and introduced Ken. It’s a rule of live demos and product launches that something always breaks. In this case the power went out, we got back on batteries and then internet went out. Ken was a pro and worked through it all. Congrats to the mSurvey team!

  • Showing off the product before the preso.
  • Cool data on Boda Boda’s collected by mSurvey.
  • Dr. Ndemo leading things off.
  • Ken gets the demo going.
  • Power outage! Right in the middle of the demo.