Nerding in Nairobi

A few months travelling, living and hacking in Kenya

Nairobi National Park

Yesterday was Labour Day and instead of relaxing like a sane person, I woke up at 5:15 to join a Safari in Nairobi National Park. First off, there’s a park with frikkin wild lions a half hour from my apartment! Sadly it wasn’t the most bountiful of game drives and we didn’t see any lions. I prefer to experience nature on foot or bike than in a van but am forced to concede that deadly hippos, rhinos, lions and elephants limit your options. We did see some cool animals – check out the pictures!

  • Perils of the rainy season
  • We had to fight them off our breakfast with rocks and sticks
  • Can you spot the hippo?
  • Crocodile, just chilling
  • Antelope fight!
  • Ostriches are funny looking animals.
  • Right next to the city!
  • Just as we were leaving, a black rhino!